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Fire Pump Services | Tyco Fire and Integrated Solution

Magna Park located in Lutterworth is the Europes largest dedicated logistics park and is the owners, Gazeleys, flag ship site
Magna Park serves clients such as, John Lewis, Honda, Britvik, Disney Store to name but a few...

The Park utilises a centraly located wet Fire Fighting system all located in one Pump House


To undertake a Pump House re-fitt incorporating the following:
Re-engine following a successfull 15 years service life
Undertake the complete overhaul to the 3 off Sprinkler split case rotating assemblies
Replace Diesel Controllers with modern specification LPC units
Replace the 4 off high capacity Booster Pumps
Undertake bespoke cooling system modifications
To meet the clients time frame

What we did

Fire cover maintained throughout the entire project
Liase with the governing Insurers to ensure total product compatability

‘Powerpro have, over many years, kept themselves up to date with Magna Park's needs. They regularly bring to our attention, Industry changes and servicing improvements’
Roy Davies | Site Manager

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Powerpro Fire Pump Services prove yet again a litlle R&D goes along way!

09.07.2015 |

To better the service we offer Powerpro has joined the National Fire Protection Association.
Being part of the NFPA enables us to have access to their vast data base and codes of practice ensuring all work is carried out to current standards using the best approved products.

09.07.2015 |